3 Year Old Shockingly Escapes As Car Runs Over Him

A 3 year old boy has miraculously escaped after a car runs over him with the tires. The incident has taken place in Mumbai’s Malvani.

The video from the CCTV shows a car coming towards the boy who is clearly visible to the driver. But the driver does not stop the car, instead, he runs over him and goes away without even checking if the boy is alive.

Check out the video Here :

Just after the accident, the boy is seen walking away with a few injuries. The video has gone viral on social media. People are shocked at how the boy survived the accident.

The CCTV footage shows a lady entering a Maruti WagonR. The two children are seen playing on the road. While one plays with a ball, the other one sits down to tie his shoelaces.

The woman gets in the car and reverses it and goes in the direction of the boy and doesn’t stop. Shockingly, the boy gets up and joins his friends to play again as if nothing happened.

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