A doctor from Assam Dances to Ghungroo, Video goes viral

A video of a doctor from assam dancing to a song from the movie “War” has been doing rounds on the internet. The song which the doctor was dancing to is Ghungroo which is a very famous song with Hrithik Roshan as the lead. The video has gained a lot of views after people started sharing it on social media.

Watch the video here :

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The video shows the doctor named Dr. Arup Senapati is an ENT surgeon at Silchar medical college Assam. The main reason for doing the video is to make the patients of the hospital happy after watching his dance. And it did just that along with millions of people across the world turning out happy to watch the dance. Many people commented on the dance skills of the doctor and how professional it is. Some of the users in twitter started tagging Hrithik Roshan to make sure he watches the video. No response from Hrithik Roshan has come yet regaurding the viral video.

The video has raked in over 4.4 million views on Twitter alone(This is based on the time of writing this article)

Similar to this, a few months ago, a female doctor danced to the song the Garmi song which became an instant viral on social media. The reason she danced to the song was because it was doctor’s day and everyone was busy with the pandemic. She wanted all the doctors to remember it, so she made the video. The song was related to being hot which meant she was feeling hot and sweaty in the PPE kit which doctors have to wear all day long.

Both videos show that doctors are willing to have fun while working long hours to save the patient’s lives. The doctor was praised for her professional dance even though being a doctor by career. The doctor from Assam did a very good dance performance.


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