Amusement Park Ride Breaks Mid-Air, Killing Two

A video of an amusement park ride breaking mid-air with people inside the ride has been doing rounds on the internet. The incident took place in Ahmedabad in Gujarat State. A person has recorded the whole incident on his phone showing the horrific accident. Two people have died on the spot after the wheel hit the side of the barrier.

Watch the video here :

The video shows people enjoying their day in the amusement park as the ride where a wheel full of people moves around slowly starts. It gains speed over time and tries to do a full rotation. But as it goes up, the ride malfunctions and breaks at the holding point of the wheel. It breaks and hits the side of the barrier holding the structure. People watch in horror as the ride falls to the ground and people start rushing over to help the people on the ride. Two people have lost their lives in the unfortunate accident.

Police have closed the ride and canceled the license of the owners of the amusement park and taken them into custody. These accidents happen due to no proper maintenance of the rides. The people do not follow the rules properly in maintaining the amusement park rides. It is fortunate that not many people have gotten injured in the incident.

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