Android Triangle Icon In Status Bar – What is it?

There are times when a symbol or icon pops up in the status bar of your android phone and you don’t know what it is. Is it the icon for the airplane mode or the icon for silent mode or is it something else? We can’t ignore it and we can’t understand it. The android triangle icon in the status bar has a white border and transparent background to it. It comes and goes away after a few seconds. What is the cell phone icon?

The Triangle Icon in Status Bar is This

The icon represents the roaming of your mobile device. Whenever it comes while your phone has just restarted, it is common to see this symbol in the status bar. It would go away in a few seconds. The reason why this appears is that whenever you restart your mobile device, it checks for a signal in the area around you. During this time, it does not have a signal, so the phone chooses it as roaming mode and displays the triangle icon.

One does not have to worry that roaming charges might take place during the restart phase. It does not go into roaming just for a few seconds. Since roaming charges are really high, people are being careful that it does not occur. This icon mostly appears in devices like LG and Samsung.

There is another type of Triangle icon in the status bar which has two arrows facing up and down inside the triangle. This means you have turned on your data saver which is used to reduce the consumption of data by the mobile.

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