Auto Driver Thrashed in M.P, Video Goes Viral

A shocking incident has occurred in Madhya Pradesh’s Jabalpur Area. An auto driver was brutally thrashed by a person after his vehicle hit a scooter. While this horrific incident has occurred, a few bystanders were able to take a video on the thrashing. The more shocking thing is that not a single person came forward to help the auto driver.

Watch the video here :

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In the video taken by the bystanders, we can see a person in a black t-shirt assaulting the driver. He pushes him to the ground while others are standing nearby. He picks up a metal sheet that is used in construction and tries to slam him with that. The others try to stop him by hits him anyway. Then he tries to pee on the driver as well. Many vehicles can be seen parked near the person.

While the driver tries to get up, he hits him again and throws him to the ground. While all this is happening, no one came forward to stop him. After assaulting the driver multiple times, he throws him on a bike sideways and gets on the bike. They take him away. We aren’t sure about the place they took him. All this has happened because the auto driver hit his vehicle with a scooter. After which an argument took place. Things escalated and they started to beat him.

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