“Baba ka Dhaba” Viral Video Saves Elderly Couple in Delhi

In such tough times where one cannot earn enough to support his own family due to the pandemic. The pandemic has taken a big toll on many businesses such as shops, malls, theatres, etc. The most affected are those who don’t have enough to stay alive. In times like this, a wonderful thing happened. An elderly couple aged near 80 years old have a small roadside eatery named ‘Baba ka Dhaba’. It is located in front of Hanuman Mandir in Malviya Nagar. They make curries and meals such as paneer, dhal, potato along with chapatis.

A video was taken by a YouTuber “Gaurav Wasan” shows the shop along with the couple. He shows all the different meals and praises them. The couple can be seen crying since they are not getting enough sales to survive in these times. After the video has been posted on Instagram, it has gone viral with over 10 million views on Instagram alone and 100k on Youtube.

Check out the video here :

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The video has broken records with millions of views. People from all over the world started donating to the couple through a Milap go fund page. It has received over 190,000 Rupees in donations while the goal is 250,000. It will reach the goal very soon. While people who cannot visit are donating on the site, those who are near the eatery rushed over to the place. It is presently crowded with many people. Many news channels are shown in the video taking interviews.

Check out this video :

Many celebrities started sharing the couple’s story which increased the ‘Baba ka Dhaba’ recognition even more. People such as Rahul Srivastav, Sonam Kapoor and others started donating to them.

The main reason the video went viral is that the 80-year-old man shared his struggles with the audience which connected with them. People started donating after seeing both their tears. This story shows the power of social media which changed these couple’s lives forever. The smile on their face makes us happy.

If you want to Donate as well, You can do it here : Donate


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