Balloons explode while celebrating PM Modi’s birthday

Multiple hydrogen balloons have exploded after a spark from a firework fell on the gas-filled balloons on 17th September 2020. The incident has occurred while BJP workers were celebrating the birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Chennai. Many BJP workers were injured in the accident. As many as 12 workers were hospitalized due to burns from the explosion of the balloons.

See the video here :
Video from TheReporterPort

In the video, we can see a crowd standing on the road while a temple is present in the background. One man is seen with a really big garland on him and people rushing to take pictures with the person. A woman can be seen entering the frame and trying to hold the hydrogen balloons from another person. As she tries to take it, from somewhere, a spark of fireworks falls on one of the balloon causing it to explode indirectly causing a chain reaction which caused all the balloons to explode immediately. After the explosion, people can be seen running away from the fire trying to save their lives. The person recording the video runs along with the others as he is in close proximity to the balloons.

It is reported that 12 people suffered minor injuries. They were taken to the hospital quickly were they were treated to the injuries.

It is said that as many as 100 people have gathered at the event for PM Modi’s Birthday celebrations. The actual plan was to release the hundreds of hydrogen balloons that people were holding. The reason why they did not release the balloons is that they did not get permission from the local police to release the balloons.

A case has been registered by the Chennai police as the people did not have permission to gather and conduct the event.

Narendra Modi sir requested in a tweet to follow social distancing and to avoid crowded areas, and to wear masks properly while going outside. This group of people has not followed the things told by our Prime Minister.

All the injured people have been taken to the hospital and were treated. No one had any serious type of injuries.

The main person who was holding the garland was BJP Farmers Wing Vice-president Muthuraman. He was admitted to a hospital with a few burn injuries.

People all over India have been wishing happy birthday for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Through tweets, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. India’s PM said that the thing that he wanted for his birthday was everyone to wear masks and follow social distancing. Remember ‘Do Gaj Ki Doori’ and improve your immunity. Narendra Modi said that the wishes from all the people give him the strength to serve the nation and work for the betterment of people’s lives.

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