Best Animation Softwares For PC

There are many software on the internet to do animations. Each one has its own usage and features. The animation is one of the most impressive fields in the world. Animators from Disney and Pixar earn a lot of money. It is not easy to do an animation. It requires a lot of practice and knowledge to do a professional fluid animation like in the movies. Every animated movie has hundreds of animators, where each of them works on different parts such as lighting, shadows, movement, etc. They use professional software for creating animations. Some big companies like Pixar have their own dedicated animation program that isn’t available to consumers.

Here are the best animation software for PC :
Maya Software

This is a professional level animation software that is used by people related to mechanics. This isn’t used to create cartoon animations but rather the dimensions of machine parts. Real-world situations are taken and placed in the program to see how it would react with the surroundings. Most beginners don’t use this software as it is only for the professionals. It is an expensive software as well. The price of an annual Maya subscription is ₹92,040 and the price of a monthly Maya subscription is ₹11,447. The price of a 3-year Maya subscription is ₹2,48,980.

2.Adobe Animate
Adobe Animate

Do you want to create cartoons like the ones you see on TV? Then this is the software for you. Adobe Animate is a very well known software in the animation industry, Many people use it even now to make TV cartoons. The software is not that hard to learn but requires artistic skills. People normally use a graphic tablet to draw rather than a mouse. Beginners can use this software as well. It just needs a little practice and learning. The price starts at 20 dollars a month. There isn’t a one time buy for the animation software

3. Blender

Before buying any animation software, try to test your skills and what you can do by using this free software. It is Blender. It is an open source program. Even though it is a free program, it is no less of a premium software. It is able to do really great animations if you have the skill and time. One can create cinema level animations using this open source software.

4. Cinema 4D

This animation software is mainly used to create 3d world games and animations. The character physics you see in games like GTA and Watch Dogs is done in Cinema 4D. Professional game designers use this software to create big games which take a long time to complete. Unity is similar to Cinema 4d but is marketed towards 2d games which we see in mobile phones. It has a monthly price of 60 dollars which is a little high for beginners.

Cinema 4D
5. Adobe After Effects

This is one of the most famous animation software present on the internet. It is created by the same company that made adobe animate. This is mainly used for CGI and special effects. Text animations are also created using this software. This software can do multiple things using one it. It is a little tough to learn but not as tough as Maya and Cinema 4d. It has a monthly price of 1670 Rupees. You cannot buy it with a one-time payment

Adobe After Effects

So these are the best animation software for PC. What did you think of the software and which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comment section below.

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