Best Apps For IIT JEE Aspirants

The IIT JEE test is a prominent exam for which many students study. And, as we all know, competition is growing by the day, so staying ahead of the game is critical. Here we will discuss various apps that are excellent for IIT JEE preparation and would be beneficial to candidates during their IIT JEE preparation. Most of the apps mentioned below are the best ones for video lectures.


Tanushree Nagori and Aditya Shankar founded the Indian educational app Doubtnut in 2016. Doubtnut is a free Android app that can be downloaded from the Play Store or accessed from its official website. Doubtnut is a fantastic app for preparing for the IIT JEE. To assist the students, they are employing artificial intelligence (AI) and picture recognition technology. It is quite beneficial in resolving your doubts. The best part is that it is one of the top free IIT JEE preparing apps available.


In India, Byju’s is the most valuable startup in the education sector. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are being used to determine the student’s degree of knowledge. They have excellent professors who use technology to teach, which is extremely beneficial if your fundamentals are unclear. If you are preparing for JEE at the foundation level, they are the finest option. Some inquiries concerning Byju’s. Byju’s educational software isn’t fully free. They are based on a freemium basis. For the first 15 days, you can watch Byju’s video lesson for free, after which you must pay. They offer a free trial lecture in both offline and online formats, so check it out first before making your decision.


Toppr is one of the most promising Edtech businesses on the market. It was founded by IIT-Bombay graduates to assist other students seeking to become IITs. They provide a variety of options, both free and paid, that can be beneficial when studying for the IITs. They have introduced online classes in the basic plan, which feature video lectures and concept clarification, as well as the ability to take mock examinations to assess your level of preparation. All of the tests are completely free. They are employing AI to determine the student’s level, which you will notice while answering questions; at first, you will be given easy questions, but if you did well in the previous level, you will be given harder questions. You can also ask questions on the Toppr app, and up to three questions are free. Following that, you must pay.

ExtraMarks-The Learning App

ExtraMarks is an excellent IIT-JEE prep tool. You can use them to create mock tests and answer prior year’s questions. It may compare your results to those of other students on their app, which will tell you where you stand in the competition and how much more work you need to put in. You can assess your level of preparedness by subject and chapter using their app. You can give IIT JEE tests on a weekly basis there. You’ll be able to tell whether you can simply solve easy questions or whether you can also solve medium and difficult questions by utilizing the ExtraMarks app.


Embibe is a fantastic tool for IIT-JEE prep. They have a huge question database. On their YouTube account, you may also view video lectures. You can take a free mock test on their website, which might be quite helpful in your IIT-JEE preparation. Machine learning is used to personalize assessments on their app. It will produce a test for the student after analyzing the student’s level of understanding. Because the majority of their test series are free, this is an excellent free software for IIT JEE preparation. You may solve prior-year papers on their apps, which would be very useful for IIT JEE preparation.

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