Best Data Science Courses in 2022

Data science is the process of extracting useful information from unstructured data. Our expert will take you through the ins and outs of this ever-evolving topic. Including how it works and current applications. Data science is an interdisciplinary approach to obtaining useful insights from today’s organizations’ massive and ever-increasing volumes of data. Preparing data for analysis and processing, undertaking advanced data analysis. And presenting the results to expose trends and allow stakeholders to make educated decisions are all part of it.

Data Science Specialization

This is one of the most popular and well-reviewed course packages on this list. An entire part on statistics, which is the backbone of data science, is included in this series. Which is generally lacking from many courses. Overall, the specialization provides a great balance of theory and application utilizing. You should have some programming expertise. And a good comprehension of Algebra, as far as prerequisites go. It is not necessary, but it is beneficial, to have a prior understanding of Linear Algebra and/or Calculus. 

Introduction to Data Science

This is the only live online data science course on this list. It’s a six-week course that covers everything in the science process. Furthermore, not only will you earn a certificate upon completion. But you will also obtain continuing education units because this course is accredited. You’ll meet with the lecturer and other students two nights a week to learn as if it were an online college course. Not only can you ask questions, but the instructor also sets aside time for office hours to aid students who are having difficulty. 

Applied Data Science with Python Specialization

This wonderful specialization focuses on the practical aspect of data science and is offered by the University of Michigan. Which also offers an online data science Master’s degree. This means you’ll receive a solid foundation in Python libraries like matplotlib, pandas, nltk, scikit-learn, as well as how to utilize them with real data. This series explains how to apply and evaluate those algorithms in Python in great detail. If you’re not familiar with statistics, start with the Statistics with Python Specialization. Many of the most important statistical abilities required for it will be taught. 


Dataquest is an excellent resource on its own, but it’s also a great supplement to the other courses on this list. Instead of using video lessons, Dataquest teaches using an interactive textbook. Every course in the track comes with multiple in-browse. Interactive coding stages that walk you through putting what you’ve learned into practice. Dataquest stands out among the interactive platforms in my opinion since the curriculum is well-organized, you get to learn by working on full-fledged data science projects, and there’s a highly active and helpful Slack community where you can ask questions.

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