The Best Documentaries on Amazon Prime (October 2020)

Documentaries are something which we learn from rather than the entertainment like movies. They are an important part of the film world. Something about it very captivating to watch. Instead of a fictional story, documentaries always show the facts and the things that happened in the real world. It provides a way to go deep into the story and the actual truths which haven’t been discussed in movies or shows. It gives an accurate representation of the scenario that occurred instead of fiction stuffing in it to increase the audience’s attention. Amazon Prime has some very good documentaries to watch in its section.

Even though Netflix has a lot of documentaries as well, Amazon Prime have some great ones as well. So here are the best documentaries on Amazon Prime in October 2020 :

One Child Nation (2019)

One Child Nation is a documentary on the policy kept in China where a couple cannot have more that one child. It is against the law to have two children. This policy lasted from 1979 to 2015. Later it was changed into a maximum two-child policy which is still in force. The film shows the cruel and strict policies kept by the government. They show it as a big experiment on the public which had drastic effects. During the period of the one-child policy, those who break this rule are forced to do abortions and sterilizations which is cruel. Both the filmmakers who made this film were part of the one-child policy in their own lives. They wanted to show to the world what kind of policies exist. This film has an IMDb rating of 7.5/10 which is great for a documentary.

One Child Nation Trailer
Make Us Dream (2018)

Make Us Dream is a film on the legendary Steven Gerrard who is a former professional football player and current football manager for teams. The documentary shows the starting point when he joined his first team to the stage where he became a legend to many. The Amazon Prime Original documentary gives a detailed story of how he became Liverpool’s brightest star and one of England’s best fielders. This film shows the man who gave his everything to football in a beautiful way. He speaks throughout the documentary with his parents, wife, agent tell us what kind of a man he is. This film has an IMBd rating of 8/10.

Make Us Dream Trailer
North Korea: The Great Illusion

North Korea: The Great Illusion is a French documentary where two filmmakers find out the way in which North Korean citizens live their day to day lives. Everyone knows that North Korea is different from all the other nations. It has a lot more restrictions and problems. Its Supreme leader Kim Jong Un is the main person who rules the country. The country has limited access to the internet and the outer world. The film shows the filmmakers digging deep into the working of the city and also those who have escaped. Only a handful of people have successfully escaped from North Korea. This is one interesting documentary to watch if you want to know more about North Korea. It has a rating of 7.8/10. Available on Amazon Prime

Chasing Happiness

This is a film about the story of Jonas Brother and their life. The documentary shows how the three brothers had struggles. The way in which they overcome those problems to become one of the biggest bands in the world. The three brothers include Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Kevin Jonas. The film shows parts of their childhood with footage taken at that time. And also the narration of the three brothers on how they united together in the end. Jonas brothers are a really popular band with millions of followers across the globe. This documentary was released in 2019 and has an IMDb rating of 7.8/10.

City of Ghosts

This documentary is about the serious issues and dangerous people of ISIS. A group of R.B.S.S. activists who record the things happening in Syria and sharing it with the world. The gruesome and horrifying things done by the army are shown. The film focuses on how they did the journalism without getting caught and the struggles they faced to record within their own people. They have been doing it since 2014. Amazon Prime decided to produce the documentary to show the brave people who did these things. The film was released in 2017 with appreciations from across the globe. It got a lot of awards from many different film festivals as well.

The Dark Side of the Ocean

This documentary is about the depths of the ocean and its creatures. This film is different from those above. It shows the beautiful creatures lurking on the dark side of the ocean. The sharks, fish, eels, jellyfishes, and many others. It takes you through the ocean while you watch it. The narration on the topics is given along with the image. This film is very good even though it did not get the recognition required. It got an IMDb rating of 7.8/10. One should definitely watch this film if they love the sea life and the ocean.

The Birth Of The Tramp

One of the greatest actors/performers and filmmakers of the 19th century is Charlie Chaplin. There are many people who don’t know about him. His films were the basis of comedy without voice or sound. The way he makes one laugh only with his expressions and body movements are learned by many even in today’s generation. This documentary shows the life of Charlie Chaplin and footage from all the different films he has done. One of his best-performing films was The Tramp. It was only 32 mins silent film. It made Charlie Chaplin famous across the whole world. That is the reason behind the name of this film. Even to this day, his granddaughters are acting in films. Oona Chaplin has worked in the world-famous TV show Game of Thrones.

Each documentary is unique in its own way. One is about the policies in China, while others are on the North Korea rulings. But one thing that all of them have in common is the vast information given by the documentaries. Films don’t focus on giving facts and information. Rather on the entertainment and fiction. People watch documentaries for a reason. To learn more about it. To gain knowledge as well. Documentaries have been taken since the starting of the 19th century. It is very important in the film world. One of the most important documentaries is on world war 1 and 2. These are some of the best documentaries to watch on Amazon Prime in October 2020.

Did you find this list interesting? Do give your comments on it in the comment section below. Tell us what your favorite documentary is and why it is your favorite. The above list of the best documentaries to watch on Amazon Prime is based on the reviews from us at Thisbulletin.

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