Best Scholarship Apps in November

Read onward to learn about some of the finest scholarship apps available right now. Which have all been evaluated and condensed into a single, easy-to-use list. These applications offer some very fantastic tools for anybody interested in diving straight into the world of college scholarships now. The following scholarship apps, which range from Scholly Search and College Hunch to RaiseMe. Represent 10 of the greatest alternatives available right now.


Students who use the RaiseMe app can start earning important micro-scholarships as early as their ninth-grade year. Once a student has enrolled with the RaiseMe app, they can submit achievements and be rewarded with scholarship money based on the weight of their achievements. This program acts as a simple but highly useful information resource for US institutions and their associated attendance costs, in addition to earning scholarship monies.


HBCU stands for historically black colleges and universities. The HBCU HUB app is dedicated to connecting students to this unique type of school and education. The HBCU HUB app allows users to search for HBCU institutions, obtain ratings, specs, and reviews, find scholarship options. And use the app’s outstanding match-maker function to identify all of the best fits. Everything a student might need to find a reputable HBCU, find and apply for connected scholarships, and enroll in school is all right here in one app.

College Scholarship Calculator

Raptor’s College Scholarship Calculator app, which is only accessible for Apple devices. It is a popular pick for that category of students. You can use this app to search colleges based on proximity and other factors. Create a list of potential schools of interest, receive assessments of your chances of acceptance into each of those schools, and learn about the various financial aid choices available at each of those institutions. When trying to filter down those large lists of potential colleges to attend, the side-by-side cost and stat comparisons provided by this app are very useful.

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