Best Scifi Films of All Time

Science fiction movies are really one of a kind. They have something that gets many people excited. Might be the technology or the feeling of seeing something in the future. The things that occur such as alien encounters, time machines, spaceships, and robots get us excited. There are many great sci-fi movies by some great actors and directors. Here are some of the best sci-fi films we would recommend

Source Code

This film was released in 2011. It is about a man who lives in a virtual world while not awake in the real one. The whole movie shows him going through a loop on a train where he has to find a bomb. It takes the character through action, adventure, and also romantic scenes. This movie is a classic to a few. It does not get boring even though the same thing is repeated throughout the movie.

Where to watch : Netflix

Pacific Rim

This film was released in 2013. It is an action-packed sci-fi film where humans create really huge robots to fight monsters. Most of the film shows the advanced CGI of monsters which is really remarkable. Not only the action, but it also has very good backstories and emotional scenes as well. The movies received very positive critics.

Where to watch : Netflix

Edge of Tomorrow

This movie is a little similar to source code film but not totally the same. It is about armies with advanced robot suits attached to them, fighting alien creatures. The main hero Tom Cruise has an encounter with an alien which causes him to reset back to a point every time he dies. The movie runs around the way he stops that from happening. It is really well made with a lot of action scenes.

Where to watch : Netflix

The Martian

This sci-fi film features Matt Damon where he gets stuck on the big red planet after a mission with his team members. The movie revolves around the way in which he survives on the planet all alone. It shows him struggling to stay alive and make his own food while limiting the wastage. It received many awards after people loved it.

Where to watch : Netflix


Christopher Nolan who is one of the most successful directors of the decade has created this wonderful Scifi film. Inception is a story in a virtual world inside a person’s brain where multiple people are interconnected. It might be hard to explain, but the film shows it very well. It stars Leonardo DiCaprio in the main lead. The movie has some mind-bending scenes which became one of the most loved movies of all time. The visualization of the story is one of a kind. The movie was a blockbuster hit at the box office.

Where to watch : Netflix

Alita – Battle Angel

Alita Battle Angel is an American film based on a Japanese manga series called “Gunnm”. The story is about an advanced cyborg girl who fights with an evil guy. What makes this film unique is that it is a mix of animation and real life. The main lead, a cyborg is CGI whereas everything else is real. These types of films are really hard to make. This film took a whopping 40 Crore USD to make. But it did not go without making a butt load of money from the profits of the film. It grossed over 400 Million USD worldwide.

Where to watch : HBO


Avatar is the most known film of all time. It had a very massive budget to make and a lot of years. The story is about blue creatures in a faraway land, people try to blend with them by using machines and real creature bodies made by science. The movie shows the fantastic world of Pandora and the different life forms. This film was the biggest hit for a very long time. They are currently shooting 3 more sequels of the film which are set to be released next year.

Where to watch : Hotstar

These are some of the best scifi films. Have some better ones? Send it to us at

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