Best Video Editing Software For PC

Video editing is one of the most essential software need to create something. There are many creators coming up each day. But only a few are the best. In cutting clips accurately, color grading and effects, all are important for good editing software. The software range from beginners to moderate to advanced. Each software has its own unique features. You can choose one according to your preference and your PC specifications. Since not all software can run on a less graphic card and CPU.

So there are the best video editing software for PC :
1. Adobe Premiere Pro

This is the most used video editing tool by many users in the world. It is brought by the company Adobe. It has all the things needed from cutting to splitting and color correction. Many feature films have been edited using this software such as Deadpool and Gone Girl. It is easy to learn and quick to use. You would need 8gb ram and a decent graphic card to run this software. There is a subscription model to this per month. You cannot buy the whole software for a single price. But it is definitely worth it.

Adobe Premiere Pro
Image Credit : WIkipedia Commons

Price : Subscription Based

Difficulty Level : Medium

2. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is more focused on the professional market rather than the basic consumer. It is more advanced that premiere pro. It has a lot more detailed color grading panel and correction box. This software is used in high-end film and video work. It is a little difficult to learn and takes more time. But if you want cinema level quality, it’s worth the time. It cost $299 dollars for the paid version. There is a free demo version as well with limited features. You can upgrade any time you want.

DaVinci Resolve
Image Credit : WIkipedia Commons

Price : $299

Difficulty Level : Hard

3. Adobe After Effects

This is also made by the Adobe company. It is created for graphics and special effects rather than basic cuts and pastes. CGI is done using this software in movies and tv shows. Creating animations is also possible using this software. In order to run this software, high specifications are required. 16gb ram and a modern graphics card is needed. Or else the software won’t function properly. This software eats up a lot of ram due to the high rendering power. This is also a subscription-based model. You cannot buy it at a single price. It is a little difficult to learn

Adobe After Effects
Image Credit : Screengrab Domestika

Price : Subscription

Difficulty Level : Hard

4. Sony Vegas

This is one of the simpler software where you only need the basic things needed. It is brought by Sony. Even though it is basic, it’s very much capable of producing professional-quality footage. This software is able to run on a low specifications PC as well which makes it better for many. This too has a subscription model for the software. It is rather easy to learn compared to the other software.

Sony Vegas
Image Credit : Sony Vegas

Price : Subscription

Difficulty Level : Medium

5. Wondershare Filmora9

If you need the basic minimum requirements for a video editing software like Basic cutting, basic transitions, then this is the one for you. It is for those who don’t need professional-level software but only wants to create short Youtube videos or Instagram reels. It’s very easy to learn and use. It has a subscription model and a one time license as well. You don’t need heavy specifications to run this software.

Wondershare Filmora9
Image Credit : WIkipedia Commons

Price : Subscription or One Time Payment

Difficulty Level : Easy

So these are the best video editing software for PC according to us.

Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below


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