Best Way To Get Protective Components

There are a few ways to get protective components. They are the uncommon materials that are used in Invention skill. They are used for different skills in the games. Here is the complete list of which are better items for the components. Some of them are not practical or used much but they are the best according to that specific material.

Common Materials

Base Components  →  Rune Bolts / Rune Swords / Ascension bolts

Basic Components  →  Any armor or weapon

Bladed Components  →  Dragon Longsword / Rune 2h Sword

Crafted components  →  Titan’s Con. Scrolls / Arrows / Adamant Platebodies

Crystal Parts  →  Harmonic Dust

Deflecting Component  →  White & Black Kiteshields

Flexible Parts    →    Shieldbows

Head Parts    →    Adamant Maces / Rune Maces / White Maces / Ascension bolts

Organic parts  →  Seeds / Snape Grass / Tortured Souls

Simple Parts  →  Mid-high tier ores, leathers, logs

Smooth Parts  →  Adamant Maces / Rune Maces / White Maces

Spiked Components  →  Adamant Daggers / Knives

Spiritual Components  →  Titan’s Con. Scrolls / Elder Charms

Tensile Parts  →  Shieldbows


Dextrous components – Magic stock and Magic Shortbows
Direct components – Dragon spear
Enhancing components – Antipoison++ (4dose best) / Ruby ring / Ring of Slaying
Evasive components – Royal decide lamb / Insulated Boots
Healthy components – Rocktails
Heavy components – Elder rune pickaxes
Imbued components – Battlestaves
Light components – Adamant daggers/Dragonstone
Pious components – Tortured Souls
Powerful components – Battlestaves / Chaos and Death Runes/mycelium armor pieces/unicorn pouch.
Precise components – Magic shield bow (strung is a higher yield)
Protective components – Royal d’hide vamb
Refined components – Use Junk Refiner device
Sharp components – Dragon 2h
Subtle components – Augmented whips
Swift components – Mithril claws
Strong components – Magic shield bow (strung is a higher yield)
Stunning components – Black knives / Magic stock
Variable components – Relics from elite dungeons

Rare Materials

Ancient Component  →  Third-Age Items

Armadyl component  →  Armadyl god item

Ascended component  →  Sirenic gear

Avernic components  →  Blades of Avaryss and Nymora, Anima Core of Zamorak

Bandos component  →  Bandos god item

Brassican component  →  A cabbage

Corporeal component  →  Spirit shield

Culinary component  →  From culinary chest (barrow gloves)

Dragonfire component  →  Royal cross bow, dragonfire shield

Explosive component  →  Hand cannon

Faceted components  →  Crystal tools, Crystal Armour

Fortunate component  →  Treasure Trial unique item

Harnessed component  →  Elemental items

Ilujankan components   →  Zarosian Essence, Dragon Rider lance, Anima Core of Zaros

Knightly components  →  Black/White Equipment/Weapons

Noxious component  →  Noxious items

Oceanic component  →  Seasinger

Pestiferous component  →  Void Knight items

Rumbling component  →  Tectonic, Raids, Drygores

Saradomin component  →  Saradomin god item

Seren component  →  Crystal items

Shadow components  →  Shadow glaive, off-hand Shadow glaive, Anima Core of Sliske

Shifting component  →  Chaotics

Silent component  →  Death lotus / Death lotus darts(cheaper)

Undead component  →  Barrows, Malevolent, Merciless kite, Vengeful kite

Zaros component  →  Zaros god items

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