Biker Dies After Hitting a Lorry in Jammu, Video Surfaces

A shocking video has been doing rounds on the internet where a person on a bike accidentally hit a lorry next to him causing him to lose balance and fall under the lorry’s tire. This has cost a person’s life. This incident took place near the Ritz hotel Channi Jammu. Life insurance is important for these reasons.

Watch the video here :

The video shows the main road with the traffic going on normally. A lorry is seen in the distance. At the same time, a biker comes dangerously close to the side of the lorry while going down the road. The lorry driver does not check if anyone is on his side. The biker hits the side of the lorry causing him to lose balance and falling to the ground. The unfortunate accident is that he falls under the tire of the lorry. The lorry driver keeps on driving without stopping which crushes the biker’s head.

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