Boy Accidentally Hangs Himself With Rope On Gate

A video has been doing rounds on social media where a small boy is seen playing near a gate. The boy stands on a blue barrel and hangs onto the rope. He accidentally hangs himself around the neck after the barrel moves away. The sister saves his life by holding onto him and releasing the pressure from his neck.

Watch the video here :

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The video shows the boy trying to climb the gate by standing on the barrel. He fails a few times after which her sister comes and helps him onto the barrel. After getting on the barrel, the boy ties the rope under his neck and pushes the barrel away. He suddenly gets hanged by the rope and starts to bang on the gate and shout for help. A small kid stood nearby but did not understand anything. The girl comes after a while and tries to remove the rope. Then she holds him in her hands to release the pressure of the rope. She shouts for her mom who does not come for another 30 seconds.

The mom rushes to the kid who is seen crying from the pain. She takes him to the hospital and treated for the injuries near the neck. Without the quick thinking of the girl, the kid would not be alive. These are very dangerous places for kids to play in.

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