Boy Falls 30 Feet Off Escalator In Ranchi Mall

A CCTV footage of a 12-year-old boy falling off an escalator has been doing rounds on the internet. The incident took place in Nucleus Mall on Circular Road, Ranchi where 12-year-old Parthiv Shah died on the spot after trying stunts on the escalator rails. His leg got stuck while playing with the motor belt which dragged him off the edge.

Watch the video here :

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The video shows the boy playing with the escalator belt while his mother and her friend are talking. The mall security already told the boy three times not to go near the belt but the boy did not listen. After a while, his leg gets stuck in the motor belt and drags him down. He tries to push back but the motor applies huge force causing him to fall off the edge. His mother tries to save him but he could not hang on to the edge for more than 3 seconds. People in the mall rush over to see the disaster. His mother rushes down to check on him. Blood can be seen from his body as he lies motionless.

They rush him to a hospital 1km away in 5 mins but the doctors declared him dead on arrival. The mother was pregnant at the time of the incident and was traumatized. She had bed rest for a few weeks. The police filed the case as an accidental death. The main reason for the disaster is the boy was doing stunts on such dangerous machinery. If her mother was more cautious, he might still be alive.

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