Man is swept into the air in Sri Lanka

In a dramatic video being shared online, a man is shown being swept in the air for several seconds, carried away by a runaway kite. According to news reports, the man was attempting to fly a large kite that was tied to jute ropes. However, due to unexpected and heavy gusts of wind, the kite picked up speed and swept him away as he lost control.

Watch the video here:

In the video, one can see the man holding on to the rope as he dangles in the air, much to the shock and distress of the onlookers. After a few seconds, the rope is lowered and the man lets go of the rope even as he is a couple of feet above the ground. Then a person rushes to help him. Fortunately, the young man sustained only minor injuries.

According to news reports, the man later said he was swept away by the kite as he had not realized that his team members, who were standing behind him, had let go of the rope attached to the kite. He held on to the kite as long as he can and let go only when his hands became numb. As reported by the Daily Mirror, he only sustained minor injuries.

The video, which was published online by Sri Lankan social media portals earlier this week, has astonished people around the world. It is said to be shot in the Jaffna area of Sri Lanka. Many people are still wondering how something like kite flying could turn into something this dangerous.


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Best Call Center Software For Small Businesses

There are many different call center software that provides the best quality and purpose. Some of this software is free while others are paid. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. Small businesses need call center software to function. The best ones have all the features and functionality for service. So here we give you the best call center software for small businesses.

Top Three Call Center Software For Small Businesses

1. Dixa

Dixa is an easy-to-set-up contact community that runs totally in an internet browser. Highlighting progressed call conveyance calculations and guest acknowledgment, Dixa is a cutting-edge arrangement intended to work on the experience of both the client and the contact place manager. Make more grounded bonds with your clients for enduring passionate dedication, higher CSAT, and amazing client support while seeing an immediate effect on income and brand development. The eventual fate of striking client support begins with Customer Friendship.

2. Avaya Contact Center

More than 90% of Fortune 100 organizations utilize an Avaya item to deal with their contact community, as indicated by the Avaya site. That is on the grounds that it’s been a heavyweight in the correspondences business for quite a long time. With numerous high-level elements remembered for its standard stage, you can be certain you’re getting a venture-level item when you utilize Avaya’s omnichannel contact focus arrangement.

3. Channels

Channels is a consider focus programming that permits you to react to clients’ calls by means of its helpful versatile application. You can set call dissemination manages and incorporate Channels with different programming projects in your innovation stack, including…


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The Orangutan That’s Learnt To Mimic Human Speech

In an extraordinary case of ‘monkey see, monkey do’, a female orangutan at Cologne Zoo, Germany, has begun to mimic human speech in order to get the attention of her keepers.

The orangutan, named Tilda, was born in the wilds of Borneo in the 1960s before being captured at the age of two. She has been seen carrying out human-like actions in the past, such as whistling, waving her arms, and clapping her hands, possibly as a result of being trained for entertainment by previous owners. Now, Tilda has taken this one step further and started to mimic those who care for her.

Video and audio files released by an international primate research team show the orangutan making impressively human-like noises. The idea that she was directly trying to communicate came to light when it was discovered that she produced her clicking noises and faux-speech only when faced with her keepers during feeding time. Fine and rapid control over her lip and tongue movements is to thank for this ability – one that was previously thought to be unique to humans.

“Our findings demonstrate that, not only do certain great ape calls primarily resemble consonants and others vowels, but orangutans can actually learn these calls from humans and produce these calls at the same speed at which humans do too,” says Dr. Adriano Lameira at the University of Amsterdam. “Humans characteristically produce five consonants and five vowels per second while speaking. These are striking parallels that are impossible to ignore, and show us how the first human languages may have looked and sounded.”


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Best Hosting Servers For Ecommerce Website

Great speed translates to a better user experience for your customers. Better UX, happier customers. Better UX additionally helps to fabricate brand credibility. Customers who have a fun time on your site are substantially more likely to return in the future or recommend your business to others. Very few guests will tolerate a lethargic stacking site, let alone browse through item pages until they discover something they need to purchase. With the present norms, every millisecond tallies. Furthermore, another significant thing – speed likewise affects your site’s SEO. Furthermore, in the e-commerce realm, positioning higher than your competitors on Google makes all the difference.

Top Three Hosting Servers For Ecommerce Website

1. Hostwinds

Hostwinds demonstrates that you can in any case get a superior web facilitating administration at a reasonable value point. Its least expensive shared facilitating plan costs $5.24 each month, giving limitless data transmission, limitless plate space, and one area.

All memberships accompany strong state drives, moment arrangement, free site moves, admittance to a simple to-utilize control board, limitless sub-domains, limitless email accounts, limitless data sets, a free committed IP, free SSL, and Weebly site developer.

Assuming you need to make more than one site, there are two other shared facilitating plans accessible. The Advanced arrangement offers four areas, while the Ultimate alternative has limitless spaces.

2. NameCheap

As you can without a doubt figure from the name, Namecheap is another reasonable web facilitating administration. You can get a .com space for just $8.88, while year-since a long time ago shared facilitating plans start at a frugal cost of $1.44 each month.

If you somehow happened to pursue the least expensive shared facilitating plan, you’d get 20GB of capacity, 30 email accounts, unmetered transfer speed, the capacity to have three sites, a free web designer, every minute of everyday support, and a lot more great highlights.

Nonetheless, there are loads of different plans that suit a wide range of necessities. For instance, on the off chance that you explicitly need to make a WordPress site, there’s a devoted arrangement that will permit you to make and oversee one of these locales from a simple to utilize dashboard.

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