Gasoline Explodes On People Inside Home, Caught On Fire

A video has been doing rounds on the internet where a group of people are seen relaxing inside a home and using their phones. A woman pours gasoline into a small bowl which caused the can of gasoline to explode on them. They ran outside as their clothes were on fire. Two of them suffered second-degree burns from the fire.

Watch the video here :

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The video shows the people sitting comfortably in the chairs. The video was recorded by a CCTV camera installed inside the house. A woman is seen pouring gasoline into a small bowl that contains fire. The can catches fire and immediately bursts into flames. The gasoline fell on three people including the woman. They ran out of the room while their clothes were on fire. One of them removes his shirt which was burning.

Two people suffered second-degree burns from the incident. The reason for the explosion is the near presence of gasoline towards the fire in the small bowl. Fortunately, No death threatening injuries took place. The explosion could have been a lot worse.

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