Car Crashes Into Bikes at Traffic Signal, Video Goes Viral

A shocking CCTV footage has gone viral on social media. The video shows a car crashing into a group of bikes waiting at a traffic signal in Choutuppal. There was a couple who were going to the temple while this disaster happened. The man died on spot while the woman was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

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The video shows multiple vehicles including a lorry, two cars, and a couple of bikes at the traffic signal, waiting to go. Traffic police are also seen beside the vehicles doing his work. Suddenly from behind, a car comes at high speeds. While it almost hit the car behind, it turned and the car crashes into the people on the bikes. Without stopping, it went on to hit a car and went far away. The injured people on the bikes slowly try to get up and save their loved ones. One of the bikes gets caught on fire. Then all the vehicles nearby move away to make sure it does not blast due to the petrol in the tank of the bike.

After this, all the people nearby start coming to help the injured. All this was caught on the CCTV camera. After the video was shared on social media platforms, people started sharing the shocking video.

The driver was apprehended and a case has been registered against him. He mentioned the reason for not stopping is because the breaks stopped working. Many people online aren’t believing that the breaks were at fault and rather his fault. The couple who were going to the temple lost their life because of the rash driving. The woman was seriously injured as well.

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