Car Flies Off Flyover And Onto People On The Sidewalk

In a chilling mishap, a Volkswagen Polo vehicle driver lost control over his vehicle on the recently opened Biodiversity Park flyover and fell on to the street 20 meters underneath where a few people were waiting for the bus. Multiple people have died in a shocking incident.

Watch The Video Here :

The video shows the people walking on the road below the flyover. A red Volkswagen at very dangerous speed hits the side of the flyover and the car falls of the road on the group of people at the bus stop. People can be seen running away as the crash caused a very big commotion which left people scrambling for their lives. The accident is one of the worst in Hyderabad history. The vehicle hit the street and crashed into a tree close to where some autorickshaws were left. Before long a billboard came flying all of a sudden which nearly hit a passerby. The girl can be seen running to safety.

The shocking part of the accident is that by a miracle, the driver of the vehicle survived the incident. He was taken to the hospital and treated for injuries before booking a case on him for all the lives lost and damaged property. He was alive because of the well functioning airbags in the vehicle. A daughter lost her mother in the incident as the car directly fell on her and she wasn’t able to move in time.

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