Careless Scooty Driver Gets Hit By Truck

A shocking video has been doing rounds on the internet where a scooter driver gets hit by a lorry after he carelessly crosses the road on the wrong side while not even wearing a helmet. The lorry drags the person across the road as it tries to stop. The video was shared by the cyberbad traffic police Twitter handle. It is important to have insurance at times like this. They were showing it as an example to teach others what not to do.

Watch the video here :

(wait 3 seconds for video to load)

The video shows the scooty driver on the right side of the road but facing the wrong direction towards ongoing traffic. He goes thorough the traffic by stopping the cars. As he crosses onto the other side of the road, he doesn’t stop to see if any vehicles are coming behind him. A lorry which was coming at high speed hits the scooter which causes him to fall off it. He gets dragged as the lorry tries to stop the vehicle.

The scooty driver was lucky to be alive with only a few scrapes and injuries. Many people on the internet reacted on the video by commenting on it.

Here are some of the comments :

The traffic police shared this CCTV video to show the accidents that can happen if we are careless. It is important for one to put on his helmet and never go in the wrong direction just because it might decrease the distance and time to reach your destination. It is important to have insurance.

What did you think of the man? Was he careless? Tell us in the comment section below.

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