Carnival Ride Breaks Mid Air, Video Surfaces

It is important to make sure the rides present in carnivals are frequently inspected and repaired to make sure that it is functioning properly without any problems. Major catastrophe can take place if it is not maintained properly. A similar incident took place where a carnival ride breaks mid-air. One person died on the spot while 7 others were seriously injured.

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The video shows the people on the carnival ride which sways left and right. It goes very high into the air. The video was recorded by a bystander in the amusement park. After a while, the bottom part hits the ground after the ride malfunctions. Part of the ride breaks off, throwing two people far away. The people nearby were shocked at the incident. They immediately went to help the injured.

The paramedics arrived on the scene but were not able to revive one person. The person lost his life from the impact of the fall from the huge height. The amusement park was later closed by authorities.

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