Teenager Falls Into Conveyor Belt in Factory

It is important to follow all the rules in a factory to make sure all the workers are safe from any injuries. There are times when the workers break protocol so that the work would move faster. This way, severe injuries can take place. A similar incident took place where a teenager is seen working on top of a conveyor belt. He falls between the gaps and is crushed to death.

Watch the video here :

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The video shows the teenager standing on the conveyer belt while moving yellow bags into a bin. The video was taken by a security camera present inside the factory. After a while. the teenager’s leg gets stuck between the gap and drags him inside. It stops dragging him after reaching his neck. The conveyor belt started squeezing the man’s neck. 2 mins later, a man pulls up the conveyer belt where the man falls down.

He was immediately taken to the hospital but was declared dead on arrival. The local police have registered a case against the factory owner and place accidental death. This could have easily been avoided if the teen was below instead of standing on the conveyer belt.

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