Couple Hosts Gender Reveal on Burj Khalifa, video goes viral

Anas and Asala Marwah, who are welcoming their second child, thought of doing the gender reveal in a different and magnificent way. By displaying it on the Burj Khalifa for the whole world to see. They have a popular Youtube channel called ‘Anasala Family’ with over 7.6 Million Followers.

The video shows the countdown on the massive building from 10 to 1. It then reveals the gender is a boy. The couple is shown very happily regarding the gender reveal.

Check out the video here :

It seems that they might have payed around 95,000 USD for the gender reveal on the Burj Khalifa which approximate to 69 lakh Indian Rupees.

Many people show their response in the comments sections.

Here are some :

What do you think of the gender reveal?

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