Deadly Bus Crash In China Captured On Camera

One person was killed and many others injured in an accident on a highway after a bus started reversing the vehicle on the main highway. A truck driver hits the bus at high speed not knowing the bus was stationary. The truck driver died on the spot while many people on the bus were seriously injured. The bus crash took place in Wenzhou, China.

Watch the video here :

The CCTV video shows the bus driver reversing the bus while a middle-aged man is seen standing next to him. As he reverses the bus, a truck suddenly smashes into the bus at very high speeds. The bus driver is flung out of the window while all the passengers are seen tumbling around in the back. The different camera angles show the disaster that happened. Multiple people were flung out of the window. In all, 10 passengers including the bus driver were flung out of the windows.

Even though it has been 8 years since this horrible accident has happened, the people who experienced it might not forget it forever. It was fortunate enough that no one was killed in the bus after such a disaster.

“Chinese state media reports a bus in Wenzhou, China was hit by a truck while trying to back up on the highway after missing its exit. Details are unclear but it is reported that the truck’s driver was killed and over 20 bus passengers were injured.”

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