Dog Skateboards on Street. Video Goes Viral

Have you ever seen a viral video of a dog on a skateboard? It is hard enough for us humans to use a skateboard, but in this video which has gone viral. A dog uses a skateboard to swift through the people on the road who were watching it with excitement.

Check out the video here :

The 36 seconds clip starts with a dog standing on a skateboard and zooming past some people. The people can be seen recording videos of the dog using the skateboard. The people watch the dog doing the delightful act.

The dog can be seen going from one street to another by turning the skateboard using its arms by pushing it. It easily balances itself on the board. The person who shared the video is Former American basketball player Rex Chapman. He shared the video on his twitter account were people started liking, retweeting, commenting on the awesome video. He captioned the clip, “Skater good boy…(sic).”

After a few seconds on the board, it starts to slow down due to friction and weight of the doggy. The dog hops down from the skateboard while it slows down and then goes to the back, puts both its paws on the skateboard, and starts pushing it with its legs. After it gets some speed, it hops back on to the skateboard and starts surfing through the roads. Some of the people nearby start cheering for the pup.

Not much traffic can be seen on the road. The person recording the video can be heard laughing and bystanders watching the doggy speeds by them.

Many people started commenting on the video to praise the dog’s achievement.

See some of the comments here :

The video has since gone viral on social media with over 585,000 views on twitter and more on other platforms. After the release of the video, people start commenting on the dog and post other images on cats riding a skateboard. One user posted a picture of a similar dog tired and fallen down on his bed by captioning it “After the Ride”. Many cat lovers start commenting about cat skaters which should not be forgotten according to them. A lot of funny comments received a lot of likes as well. People engaged very well with the twitter video as it is something they like a lot.

The main reason why the video has gone viral is that many American people love dogs and other animals such as cats. Unlike other countries, they have their own spas, gyms, etc for dogs and cats. They take care of them very well. In other countries like India, people don’t care as much about dogs. That’s the reason why there are a lot of street dogs in India.

The person who shared the video is Rex Chapman who is a retired professional basketball player from america. He seems to love dogs a lot.

At the time of writing this article, The twitter video has already got over 2.2k retweets and 10.5 Likes which is a huge amount.

What do you think about the awesome doggy?

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