Truck Driver Crashes Truck Into Multiple People, Video Surfaces

Drunk driving is a very serious thing. Many accidents in India occur due to the driver being drunk while driving the vehicle. A similar incident took place in Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra where a drunk driver drove a truck into a group of vehicles parked on the side walk. The vehicle hit a few pedestrians as well who were near the parked vehicles.

Watch the Video Here :

The CCTV video shows a person sitting on a parked vehicle along with many vehicles nearby. The street is seen to be narrow. A bike driver reverses his bike for a distance. Suddenly a truck smashes into the parked vehicles and throwing the person to the ground. One person is seen injured and fallen on the ground while the bike driver isn’t seen. Many people rush to the area to help injured people.

The uncle is lifted up as he walks slowly in pain. Others try to remove the drunk driver who caused the major accident. Almost 6 vehicles were damaged in the incident. A big crowd appears after the tempo crashes into the parked vehicles. Life insurance is important for those in these types of accidents. Insurance makes sure you are covered for any major problems.

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