Elderly Woman Thrashed In UP For Resisting Eve Teasing on Daughter

A Youth thrashes an elderly woman for resisting eve-teasing on her daughter. She was beaten very harshly for defending herself and her daughter. This incident has occurred in UP’s Ghaziabad district. The video has emerged out on Tuesday after which it has gone viral.

According to reports, the woman was beaten in a public area by youth for trying to stop eve teasing comments on her daughter.

See the video here :

The woman was thrashed after she objected on the eve-teasing which a few youth have done. The Shocking incident has taken place in Uttar Pradesh.

According to the local police, eve-teasing was not mentioned anywhere in the FIR. The lady said that she was beaten by some local youth in her complaint.

The video shows the middle-aged man first throwing the woman to the ground which is on the street and starts punching her head with his bare hand while she tries to defend herself. He keeps on beating her while bystanders watch it happen. No one starts helping the poor woman. After punching her for a while, when he stops, she tries to get up. That’s when the man takes a chair and slams it on her forehead very hard which causes the poor woman to lose consciousness. Then he beats her again with the chair and then he goes away. People around watch the shocking incident happen but don’t go near to help her. She was lying on the road for a while.

The Video has gone viral on social media with over 191,000 views on Twitter. (As of writing this article)

People start showing their anger towards the person and give their views on the incident.

Read some of the comments here :

One user wrote “All r standing..I have seen many times..UP Haryana people mentality,u cannot change…So u have to change that place..women safety is totally zero there.. both r ruled by BJP”

Another user wrote “Shameless people standing and watching and even recording. Today it’s this elderly lady, tomorrow your family will also not be safe. Society has to wake up. No police can help all the time only people can”

Another user wrote “5000-year-old civilization refuses to accept Mughals as heroes, renamed buildings but cannot even stand for their own people when attacked in broad daylight. Then you hear claims of how Indians never conquered any country- as if we could have with our levels of courage !!”

Most of the people’s rage was against the bystanders in the video who did not do anything to stop the man from thrashing the poor woman.

The video has gained over 3800 Retweets and 5,500 Likes.

According to an article by The Hindu, In a survey in 2018 by The National Crime Records Bureau, Uttar Pradesh tops the list for the highest number of crime rates against women. There were a lot of suicides due to the housewife torture by men.

The middle aged man who beat the woman was arrested and is being interrogated by the police.

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