Elephant Seal Wandering on Street Saved by Locals

An elephant seal was found outside the streets of a coastal town in Chile, known as Puerto Cisnes. Seeing animals outside our homes is common. Animals such as a dog or a cat. After hearing a loud ruckus outside their homes, they were shocked to see a massive elephant seal on the street flapping its paws around. People started taking videos and posting them online. The videos have gone viral since then.

Watch the video here :

(wait 3 seconds for video to load)

The seal can be seen flapping its paws around to move in the video. The incident took place on Monday night. The two-ton seal was confused and scared, not knowing where to go. It started going down the road, hoping to find the ocean again. The people are seen helping the elephant seal reach its home by using some kind of black covers to block its way and make it go down the right path. A lot of people are seen holding the cover around the elephant seal. The video end shows the elephant seal reaching the water and the people started clapping for their effort.

Some of the people said that they were scared if the elephant seal was dangerous since it was really big. Many told that they have never seen this kind of seal up close since most of them live far away in the deep waters. This is not the first time, something like this has occurred. A few months ago, a few mountain lions were seen on the streets as well. This was a lot more dangerous than the seal. But here, no one was injured during the incident.

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