Escape Artist Tries Stunt In Bathtub, Drowns After Trick Goes Wrong

There have been many escape artists in the past who have died from dangerous stunts. A video has been doing rounds on social media where an escape artist is seen doing a trick where he tries to remove cuffs before the water drowns him in the bathtub. He fails to remove the cuffs and drowns in the water. He was later taken to the hospital but was DOA.

Watch the video here :

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The video shows the top angle of the escape artist inside the bathtub with his legs over his hands which are cuffed. The video was recorded by a camera set by the escape artist. He tries to escape the cuffs for a long time but fails to do it. His legs are seen tied to a rope hanging from the wall, making it harder to get out. There was no one nearby inside the house to hear or help him. After failing to remove the cuffs, he struggles for a while, checking to see any other way out of the tub full of water. He suffocates for over a minute after which he loses consciousness.

The man was taken to the hospital but was declared dead on arrival by the hospital staff. The person’s identification is not known. It is very dangerous to perform these stunts without anyone nearby to help, in case things go south. He could easily be saved if there was someone nearby to help him.

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