Woman Slips Off Balcony Window During Concert

There are many reasons to make sure one is safe while drunk. Motor skills of a person who is drunk decrease by almost 40% and lowers brain activity. One should be aware of the surroundings. A similar incident took place where a woman falls off a balcony after leaning back while dancing. The paramedics arrived but could not revive her.

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The video shows a few people dancing to music as a person sings into a microphone. The video was recorded on the selfie camera of the man who sang in the concert. The people behind are seen drunk with alcohol in their hands. After a while, a woman with a hat leans behind thinking it’s a wall, and falls out of the window. She hit her headfirst when she fell.

The paramedics arrived soon but were not able to revive her because of the massive injuries which killed her on the spot. The local police have registered a case as accidental death.

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