Fans make hilarious edits on Virat Kohli’s pre-match dance move

The cricket fans had a feast even before the start of the match. Out of nowhere, cricket player Virat Kohli starts dancing on the ground pitch. The camera guys suddenly turn all the cameras towards him to capture the dance. Fans started editing the dance with different songs after his video went viral on social media.

Check out the original video here :
Now check out these funny edits!

Edits of his dance has got many reactions from people across the world. The funny songs mixed with his dance skills created something unique. The RCB Skipper is seen dancing in different way which made the video go viral. Virat Kohli dances once a while, but never did he do something like this.

To the surprise of his fans, they did not expect something like this in the pre match tense moment. The fans were quick to record their TV screens and share the video on the internet.

However, they did not win the match after  KXIP lost Gayle in the final over of the match, with just 1-run needed from the last delivery of the match.

“RCB means a lot, not many understand that emotion. 200 games for them is unbelievable. It is an honor, they’ve kept me and I have stayed on. When the team wins you look good as a captain,” said Kohli after winning the toss against KXIP.

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