Uncle Backs Over Nephew Who Fainted From Sun Stroke

It is important to be aware of your surroundings when reversing a vehicle. In this case, a huge truck backed onto a man who passed out from a heat stroke right behind the truck. The man fell at a place which is a blind spot for the driver. The fainted nephew was crushed by the tires. Paramedics arrived but were not able to revive him.

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The video shows the nephew walking towards the truck when he suddenly starts to feel dizzy. He turns around and falls down. The man faints from a sunstroke. The uncle did not know this and starts backing the truck. The truck tires miss the man at first, but he crushes the nephew to death after he turns and moves forward. The uncle starts looking for his nephew and gets down from the truck. He shockingly finds him on the ground.

The uncle starts crying on the ground for his nephew. The paramedics arrived but were not able to revive him. A case has been registered by the local police as accidental death.

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