Ghost banging on school door, residents call cops

A scary video of a school door banging by itself at night caused the local residents to panic and call the police. Many of them were scared of what would be the reason for it, the police wait for a while too to call out whoever was inside. A big crowd is seen outside the school door with horror. This incident took place in Shivaji High school near Karwar in Karnataka. They finally opened the door, and this is what they found.

Watch the video here :

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The video shows multiple people along with police standing outside the school door. The door keeps on banging. People call out to whomever is inside the school to come out. They shout out that you will be in a lot of trouble if you don’t come out. The big crowd waits outside as the attender goes and bring the key to the school door. They slowly open the lock as the police get ready. They creak the door open. To their astonishment, it was just a street dog which was trapped inside someway. The crowd burst into laughter as the dog slowly comes out of the room. It looks around and slowly walks away.

The people were relived on knowing that it was just a dog who was banging the school door. Many people in the crowd thought it was a ghost are something else. From a scary video, it became a funny video at last.

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