Girl Dragged 1000 Feet After Backpack Gets Stuck In Bus Door

Bus drivers need to be very careful when dropping kids off. They should make sure there are no vehicles coming and also see that the child goes safely. An incident took place where a bus driver closed the doors before a small girl got off. The backpack of the girl got caught in the door and dragged her for over 1000 feet. The girl required multiple surgeries on her legs. The bus driver is facing a lawsuit from the girl’s mom.

Watch the video here :

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The video shows the girl getting down the bus. The video was recorded by the CCTV camera present inside the bus. The bus driver closed the door before the girl gets down. She does not look at the girl in the whole 1 minute of driving. The girl gets dragged across the road for over 1000 feet. 12% of her body had severe abrasions from the incident. After a minute, a guy standing near the bus driver notices the backpack in the corner of the door. The driver stops the bus and goes to check on her.

The mother of the girl placed a lawsuit against the fired bus driver. The incident took place way back in 2015 but the video has come to light recently. The girl had to undergo multiple surgeries from the accident.

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