Guy Gets Crushed By Rolling Door While Entering

It is important to wait till the rolling doors have opened to their extent before entering a shop. One guy did a mistake and crouched into his shop while the door was still opening. This caused the huge door to fall and crush him. He was immediately taken to the hospital and treated for severe injuries from the incident.

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The video was taken by a nearby security camera which recorded the whole incident. The man is seen clicking the button to open the rolling door. The door slowly rolls open. The man seems to be in a hurry to get inside. As the door is opening very slowly, the man crouches to get inside the shop. Exactly as he tries to enter, the door falls on top of him, crushing him to the ground. Another person nearby comes to help him.

He was immediately taken to the hospital and treated for severe injuries from the incident. The reason why the rolling door failed is due to a malfunction when the guy entered it while it was still opening.

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