Guy in Bush Costume Pranks People, Video Goes Viral

Doing pranks are common, some are funny and some are serious. But most of all, pranks go viral. People love to watch pranks. A video from Ireland has gone viral where a YouTuber in a bush costume scared citizens walking on the road. Many people showed some crazy reactions. This type of pranks is common in foreign countries. The video has gained a lot of views on social media.

Watch the video here :

The video shows the Youtuber in a bush costume while his friend stood nearby to shoot the video of the reactions people make when he comes onto them. The first clip was the best one where two women were really scared as the bushman came towards them. The citizens were scared but laughed hard after knowing that it was just a person. The Youtuber did this with other people as well where some of them did not even flinch while one woman dropped her coffee out of fear.

All of them were friendly with the Youtuber in Ireland, the prank was a really good one which went viral on social media. It got over 6.7K likes and 300 comments. They did the prank in a public area where shops and other attractions were present.

Check out the youtuber here

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What is you favorite prank? There are millions of ideas to do with pranks. Many Youtubers are famous for doing this. The Youtuber from Ireland is one of them.

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