Guy Reverses Car Onto Father And Baby

It is important to look carefully before reversing a car. There will be blind spots and maintain the speed. If not done properly, serious injuries or damaged property can take place. A similar incident took place where a guy reverses his car onto a father and baby sitting in a chair. The baby suffered minor injuries which were treated in the hospital.

Watch the video here :

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The video shows the father and child sitting in a chair near a shop. Another person is seen trying to guide the car driver back out. The driver slowly pulls back for a while. Suddenly, the car speed back into the father and child, throwing them down. The child escapes the father’s grip and hits the pavement. They check the baby for injuries and take them to the hospital. Many people rush to help them.

The baby was treated for injuries and released soon along with the father. The driver of the vehicle was arrested by the local police. The father and child were very lucky which could have gone wrong.

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