Harayana Woman Shot Dead Outside Her College, Video Surfaces

A shocking CCTV video has come to light after a 21-year-old student in Haryana was shot dead in broad daylight outside her college by a man. The man first tried to shove her into a car and kidnap her but when she refused, she was shot in the head with a gun. Her friend who was along with her tries to stop the man but fails to do so.

Warning : This video might be disturbing to a few people

Watch the video here :

The video shows two men who get down from a white car while the two girls were outside their college. One of them grabs the girl and tries to shove her inside the back seat of the car. He shows them the gun to scare them. But after the girl does not get into the car with him, he shoots her in the head. The other guy gets out of the car and grabs his friend and gets into the car and drives away. The other girl is seen in shock after her friend was shot on a public road.

The two men were Touseef and his friend Rehan who was seen in the video. They had already kidnapped her in 2018 as well. The culprit Touseed was arrested by the local cops. The father of the girl already gave a complaint against him in 2018 but withdrew it for some reason. The reason for the girl to go to college was to write an exam.

“I want justice for my daughter. They should be shot the same way they shot her,” said Nikita’s mother. The parents are in agony after the incident took place. People online have been showing anger against the two men who shot the girl.

The NCW has taken note of the incident and has requested the police to catch the other culprit as well.


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