Hero cop gives hot chase to mobile thieves, Video goes viral

A CCTV video of a hero cop with fast thinking actions by catching mobile thieves going on a bike has gone viral on social media. The way in which he catches them by jumping off his bike and holding the biker’s shirt while it was running has astonished many people. Things like this happen mostly in movies but not in real life. The incident took place in Chennai.

Watch the video here :

The video shows two people on a bike stop on a road when a policeman comes quickly on a bike and stops beside them. They quickly get alerted and the second guy jumps off the bike and runs away. The biker accelerates the bike while the policeman keeps on holding the guy’s shirt. He runs along with the bike and throws the thief to the ground after a distance. He holds him up and takes him to the police station.

The policeman A. Antilin Ramesh was an SI in Cyber Crime Cell, Madhavaram. He saw the bike without a number plate and the fuel tank was covered with a plastic cover. He knew that it was a stolen bike and chased after them. The CCTV footage has gone viral on the internet.

Many people on the internet have been praising the brave cop’s actions who single handedly caught the mobile thieves.

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