Heroic Moment Dog Rescued From Molten Rubber in Thailand

Dogs are awesome, they are known as man’s best friend for a reason. One cannot stay still if a dog is in danger. A similar video took place in Thailand where a stray dog accidentally got trapped in molten rubber. The incident took place in a factory in Thailand. The dog can be heard crying while not able to move in the molten rubber. The poor dog was rescued after people brought in a crane to pick up the rubber as a whole to make sure the dog does not get injured while removing the sticky surface. Almost 70% of the dog was covered in molten rubber.

Watch the video here :

The video shows the stray dog stuck inside the molten lava with one of its sides totally covered by it. It is seen screaming as humans come near to help it. It cries for help while not being able to move. The rescuers bring in a crane to remove the whole section of molten rubber as there could not go in to help the poor doggy. After removing the section using a crane, they wear gloves and slowly remove the rubber from the dog’s fur. The dog is seen panting as they help it. Stones and rocks are seen stuck to the rubber. After removing some of the rubber, they take it to the hospital where they have given it a bath in chemicals used to remove the rubber. The dog took a while but it recovered from the incident. They have adopted the dog as well.

Here is how it looks after it was saved and cleaned :

These kinds of videos make our hearts feel good. Saving a stray is a very good act. The dogs can’t speak up to help, we humans should help them as much as we can. This doggy was fortunate enough to get saved, not all dogs are fortunate.

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