Horrific crash in Bahrain F1 Grand Prix, Racecar goes up in flames

One of the members of the Haas racing team “Romain Grosjean” suffered a horrific incident in the Grand Prix but fortunately survived the accident. This is one of the worst accidents in F1 history. The racecar immediately went up in flames after it hit the side. The car lost control after another car hit the edge of his car while he was trying to overtake it.

Watch the video here :

The video shows a racecar bursting up in huge flames while the rescue crew comes over to help the driver escape. The accident occurs after the driver tries to overtake another car but accidentally hits the edge of the car and loses control of the racecar. The car goes to the side and hits the rim at great speeds which causes the racecar to burst up in flames. Luckily, due to the high safety protocols and mechanisms in the F1 cars, Romain Grosjean suffered only minor injuries although he was slightly shaken. Somehow, he manages to escape the incident with a few injuries.

David Croft, who was on F1 critique obligations on TV, talked about the accident when he stated, “The way that Romain Grosjean has endured that crash isn’t just phenomenal yet honestly wonderful also!” The Bahrain International Circuit’s legitimate Twitter handle later gave an explanation saying, “Proclamation from FIA on Romain Grosjean: “Update on Romain: he is steady and being taken by helicopter to the BDF Military Hospital for additional assessment.”

The video has gone viral on social media after many F1 racing fans shared the video. People prayed to make sure the driver was safe from the horrific incident.

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