Houses Collapse Due To Heavy Flooding in Indonesia

An astonishing video has been doing rounds on the internet where two houses collapse due to heavy flooding in Indonesia. The local river in Cibadak village overflowed which caused the houses near the river to be destroyed by the large force from the water. The video has gone viral on social media. No one was injured in the incident as they evacuated quickly.

Watch the video here :

The video shows water flooding the streets of Indonesia while people record the video from top of a house. We can hear them shouting as small bits of the house fall into the water. A few seconds later, the two buildings connected together collapse into the flowing water. It happened due to the weak support of the building. It could not stop the water from breaking the foundation of the building. People can be heard crying after the houses collapse. Half of the house collapsed while the other half is exposed to the air.

The video has gone viral on Twitter after many people shared the shocking incident. The whole incident took place in Cibadak village of Indonesia. The people were devastated as they lost their homes.

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