How To Get Eidolon Shards in Warframe

War frame is a very famous video game series with multiple games in it. Let’s learn how to get eidolon shards in the Warframe game. Eidolon Shards are a very rare crafting component that one can get from only a single source. That source is Eidolon hunting. This is not easy to do as the creatures are really huge and very hard to kill. They can be killed on the earth in the night cycle.

Where to find Eidolons

The eidolons can be found on Cetus and only during the night cycle. You would have to fast travel to Konzu or you can just normally walk up to him by travelling across the map. Once you meet him, he would have two different bounties which we can choose. Out of the two bounties, one will send you on a hunt for the Eidolon Teralyst. This will give you 1000 Standing. The other one is also a hunt but for the Teralyst, Hydrolyst and the Gantulyst. Doing all this will earn you 5000 Standing which is huge.

When ever you kill the Eidolon, it will drop Eidolon shards which you can pick up. It can also be done by just capturing the Eidolons without needing to kill them.

  • Teralyst – 1 Eidolon Shard
  • Gantulyst – 3 Eidolon Shards
  • Hydrolyst – 5 Eidolon Shards

Each of the Eidolon will drop the number of shards based on what you kill or capture.

What is needed to kill Eidolons?

Before going to kill Eidolons, there are a few steps that you need to follow so that it is possible to kill them. They are very powerful creatures that require time and skill to kill. First, you would need to max rank with the quills which will get you good gear for hunting the Eidolons. But since you can only max rank the quills by killing Eidolons, it’s a loop structure. You can easily do it in the starting levels but if you don’t max rank the quills, it will be hard in the future levels and you won’t be able to go back as well. You will be in a real pickle.

Brilliant Eidolon shard

The Brilliant Eidolon shard is a more extraordinary and more significant Eidolon Shard which is basically utilized in the unbinding of way-bound hubs of your administrator. Utilizing the center, you can open hubs and update them yet with the assistance of these Brilliant Eidolon Shards, you can cause the way-bound (hubs that can be divided among various schools) to permit different schools to utilize the unbound hub.

Radiant Eidolon Shard

Brilliant Eidolon Shards are the most important of the shards that you can get in Warframe and must be gained by vanquishing the more grounded variations of the world chief. These are traded for 40,000 concentration and are cultivated to rapidly give this to players. Brilliant Eidolon Shards are needed to call the Eidolon Hydrolyst at the Eidolon Shrine.

Synthetic Eidolon Shard

Manufactured Eidolon Shards are to a greater degree a reward and don’t have an immediate association with the Teralyst, Gantulyst or Hydrolyst. These are viewed as modest variations of the first Eidolon Shards and just serve to be changed over into 5,000 concentration for administrator school updating.

By knowing all about this, it’s better you learn the best ways to kill them and get the shards by watching tutorials on Youtube and reading guides related to it. Only then you would be successful in killing the Eidolons and getting the Eidolon Shards.

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