Huge snake coils itself around man’s legs, Viral Video Surfaces

A horrifying video has gone viral on social media where a man is seen struggling to breathe or move while a huge snake curls around him and squeezes him with great force. It is unknown where the video was shot or taken. The huge snake can be seen trying very hard to make the person pass out similar to other prey so that it can eat him.

Watch the video here

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The video taken by a mobile phone shows the man struggling to get out from the huge snake’s grasp as it squeezes the man forcefully so that he would not move. A few seconds later, another man comes up to help him. He hits the snake with his arms but it seems to do no harm. Then he pulls the snake from the coil across the man. It takes a lot of effort to do it. Another guy comes to help him as well. They together try to remove the snake from the man as he struggles to get out.

Then the video abruptly stops in between. We do not know if the person was saved or not. But it looks like the friends might have helped him escape from the grasps of the huge snake.

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