IIT Madras student appears during virtual convocation, Video goes viral

IIT Madras holds its first-ever virtual convocation earlier this week with over 2000 degrees awarded to the students. Degrees are awarded each year. But what made this year special is the way in which it was represented. The mixed reality and real-life combined to create something mind-blowing. The video has gone viral after many people thought the convocation in IIT Madras to be clever or funny.

Watch the video here :
IIT Madras Convocation

The video shows the director of IIT Madras institute speaking a few words to the online viewers. A gold medal is awarded to the student. The student magically appears on stage through the smoke which was created using digital VFX. Fake background claps could be heard in the background as he appears. The director goes towards the student and places it on his neck even though he isn’t physically present there. The student talks for a while about his achievement and thanking his parents.

The video was shared by a Journalist Ramnath on Twitter. The video has gone viral with over 88,000 views. The IIT Madras Institute has done something different than the other colleges. That is why people found it to be extraordinary. Many netizens commented on the video.

Here are some of the comments

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