Man Lights Candle In Lift, Goes Wrong

There are many accidents that take place in lifts. Fire is a very dangerous thing to play with. One wrong move and you can be burned alive. A similar incident took place where a man enters a lift and tries to light a candle filled with oil. The oil fell inside the lift and burned him. The man could not get out until the lift reached its level. The man went to the hospital and received treatment.

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The video shows the man entering the lift with a cigarette in his mouth. As the lift starts to go up, the man tries to light a candle with oil. He accidentally pours some oil on the ground which starts a fire. The man could not move anywhere as the lift door was closed. He removes his sweater and uses it as a shield. When the door opens, the man falls on his knees into the fire from not being able to breathe. After a while, he slowly gets up and moves out. His pants are seen burning as he goes out.

The man received medical care after the paramedics arrived on the scene. The man was lucky that the incident did not get more serious and the lift doors opened on time.

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