Man Falls Under Truck During Road Rage Fight

There are many cases where people fight on the road over small accidents. These can lead to even bigger ones if not stopped. An accident should be left to the cops. A similar incident took place where two people fought over an accident. One man accidentally fell back while fight and a truck ran over him. The other man was arrested and a case has been registered by the local police.

Watch the video here :

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The video shows the two people fighting on the road after the car accidentally hit the back of the bike. As they start fighting, a truck approaches them from behind. Exactly when the vehicle reaches them, one of the two falls down under the tire of the truck. The vehicle crushed the man from the force. The other man was shocked from the sudden death.

He starts chasing behind the driver to stop him. The man who pushed him under the truck was arrested for “murder” and sent to jail. It is not known if the truck driver has been caught by the police as well.

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